What is the Intergetix Core System?

intergetix core

The Intergetix CoRe Sysetem will confirm or discover the source of a problem and its best solutions.

The Inergetix CoRe System is an innovative  technology that is used to SCAN your energy field for points of imbalance. I also use it for healing energy therapy  – It sends a  series of corrections and re-sets that restore your natural balance.

To find the energy imbalances within the body, then utilizing energy mechanics to fix the imbalances, the human body heals itself

To make an enhanced profile by discovering the subconscious patterns that are usually overlooked because the client or I are not aware of them.

For the early detection of appearing issues before they have taken physical form

For organ reconciliation and strengthening

To correct negative thought or behavioral patterns

It is used to scan a person’s bio-field and also to detect regions of resonance or dissonance on the mental, emotional or energy levels. If left unnoticed,these  “glitches” in our system are what can cause us physical symptoms as well as emotional upset.

The CoRe can be used to categorize areas of dissonance that are impacting us in this vert moment. It may point to old impacts that are now triggered. Future problems may also be nipped in the bud after an arising negative dynamic is discovered and corrected before it develops into something .

The body has the capability to cure itself, but sometimes it’s responding to the erroneous signals. Balancing with Inergetix-CoRe™ in these instances will be surprisingly powerful and will work clear miracles within the shortest time. It can “inform” your body what is its very best choice of activity.


It works in line with the fundamentals of  Radionics and Quantum Science, which has established the inter-connectedness of everything. The CoRe process is a tool enabling us to establish such a connection to a individual’s data field. This connection is almost always a two-way process, which means that a treatment may also be fashioned based on the signals that are obtained.

The Inergetix-CoRe™ System establishes a constant feedback link with the client.

The Inergetix-CoRe™ functions on the energetic levels. It operates on the degree of presence on which things are related via notions, concepts, designs and forms, or on the level on which bodily energies have been exchanged.

A quantum theory in action The machine relies on the principles of quantum physics, the principles of resonance and global climbing, devoting a complex statistical investigation on the basis of a large database of over one hundred thousand patterns of internal and external stress resources.