What Is Radionics ?


What is Radionics?

As we have learned from several different healing traditions, everything living and nonliving has a magnetic field surrounding and penetrating itself, All things emit energy (radiation).  Life also has a gravitational field that extends outwards from the core,  In this way not only all things but also the planet which has its own magnetic and gravitational fields also giving off energy. Each energy has its own unique signature or wave field. All matter has certain geometrical, frequency and radiation-type characteristics and it absorbs and radiates energy from one another and things around us all of the time


Radionics uses this knowlege of matter and energy in the field.

It is the science of using a specific intention or frequency programmed into the device then transmitted into patterns to shield and protect and to amplify, store and elevate frequencies of Reiki, Homeopathy, essences or other healing frequency to any living or nonliving entity.

Radionics is an energy balancing technique in which our natural intuitive faculties are used both to discover imbalances and to guide the return to a normal energetic field. It is completely  independent of the distance between practitioner and subject because energy is all connected, the transmitter is able to amplify the message to the subject regardless of location.


“In essence, what appears solid is actually a flowing mass of subatomic particles frozen into what appears as solid mass and connected to all other things through an energetic field or matrix.”

Albert Einstein

How Does Radionics Work?

We look to Einstein’s theories of atomic physics (E=mc2). Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Electrodynamics is based on the concept that all matter is composed of atoms help together by
energy fields and forces. Radionics is based on these fundamental concepts that he explained, and the fact that all matter even solid matter is dynamic and mutable (solid-liquid-radiance). Molecules of diseased tissues have a completely different atomic and electromagnetic composition than healthy tissues, and this “energetic radiation” can be detected and evaluated.

Radionics makes it possible to detect imbalances  (disease)  in the earliest stages, long before any physical symptoms are manifested because it is interacting at the etheric level.

Radionics originated in the United States in the early 20th century with the work of Dr. Albert Abrams
He was the, Director of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Abrams went to develop his own treatment device designed to neutralize abnormal energetic radiations “by the therapeutic application of vibration,” aimed at restoring the imbalances of disease by a rearrangement of molecules as well as by raising their vibration to a normal standard of frequency.”


     It is this aspect of matter which enables us to detect and change unbalanced energy which is at the root of disease. It allows us to tap into energetic link between mind and matter. The more complicated the system, the more complicated the wave form. Living things, like humans, emit a very complex wave spectrum made up of all the smaller parts, cells, tissues , organs each vibrate on their own and combine to form the whole entity. These parts all vibrating at whatever level of health at the present moment  are associated with the various organs and functions of the body. So we can find one organ, chakra, tissue out of balance and send a healthy frequency to the body giving it the message to re-tune to a balanced state.
Radionics can be used for humans, animals, agriculture and locations by means of radionic instruments which amplify and ‘balance’ the subtle energy field of the subject. The energetic link is made via a radionic witness’ which can be a photograph, hair snippet , blood, saliva, etc.

There are several ways to determine someones frequency imbalance using Radionics including Radionics Machines, Bieoenergetic  Devices, Electroacupuncture, Kinesiology , muscle testing, or dowsing. Bioenergtic Devices can then transmit a signal back to the body with a straight signal or homeopathic dillution. It can transmit via laser, imprint onto a substance – many times water or just stream the signal energetically.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” —

Arthur C. Clark

For working at a distance A good quality digital photograph is the best form of radionic witness because, just like a hologram, the image stores the information of the subject and a digital file cannot be contaminated like a biological sample can. This is not a supernatural phenomena but something that kinesiologists  and energy practitioners have seen for themselves time and time again. The light which forms a photograph holds the energy and is  a sample of the energy matrix of the subject.

Radionics works because the field of the practitioner can contact the field of the subject to obtain an analysis. The practitioner, keeping in mind her or his own question, is able to determine an unbalanced pattern in the energy of the subject.  the practitioner then correlates the imbalance with a particular condition.


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    Hi, very interesting. If one does not want to go via a practitioner, will he be able to use his photograph and correct his imbalance. Please enlighten with steps to be taken. Thank you

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