Traditional Essence FAQ

Our traditional essences can be taken internally, a few drops under the tongue, in a glass of liquid, sprayed on/around the aura, in a room, or in combination with other liquid therapies or in a bath.

Essences & Homeopathics have been used by many cultures for thousands of years and are powerful tools which are healing to you and bring you back into balance. They are being used today by naturopaths , therapists, homeopathic practitioners, acupuncturists,bodyworkers and astrologers as well as anyone concerned with growth and self realization.

Everything in this world is at its core is energetic. This energy or essence at it’s highest spiritual capacity, has the ability to create change. We take this energetic essence and place it in water, which has the capacity to retain energetic patterns for an indefinite period of time. Brandy or Grain Alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar  is used as an energetic preservative to hold the signature for a much longer period of time.

For some, after taking one drop, there will be significant shift. For others, a more lengthy time period will be needed. This timing is not something we could promise or guarantee. It depends on your vibration at the present time, and the particular issue you are working on. If it is a recent issue that started in the last year, this is usually much faster to clear, Sometimes it may be a Miasm going back years or even lifetimes/generations – these can take longer.

There could be a healing crisis or the appearance of too rapid a shift for someone. This could look like a  temporary headache, increase of energy, temporary sleep difficulties, a skin issues, or a speeding up of the process of drawing to you the lessons needed for growth self-awareness. These are not pharmaceutical products with side effects. Unless there is a sensitivity to the brandy it is 100% that your body is trying to detox faster then your liver can handle. If the change is too rapid, reduce the dose or the frequency of taking the products and make sure you are getting adequate water intake from a good source. We need hydration and minerals / electrolytes so the body can correct itself with ease  If there is a level of un-ease that is unwanted, stop for a couple of days, hydrate and restart at a lower dose.

Crystals, flowers, gemstones and othe rminerals are placed in distilled water and set in the sunlight.

When the sun strikes the substance in the distilled water, the life force, signature and consciousness of the mineral or plant is melded into the water. Water has the innate ability to hold and store vibrations for a time period. This vibrational signature is transferred to people as they assimilate these vibrational remedies. We also have transfered these vibrational signatures into our energetic machines including the spectravision and the computron. With these we can also adjust and create different homeopathic dilutions from 1v (the essence) – 1x -1c – 1m (generational) Our product line are all standard essences 1v-1x When creating a custom essence we utilize the specific homeopathic dilution the body desires. (1v-100m). This charges and amplifies the essence .

Utilizing a  telescope the, the energy pattern of each star becomes available by suspending a bottle of distillled water directly in front of the eyepiece and follow the planet/star for a time period. the essence is captured and then added to our EAV database where the essence can be adjusted like the flower essences with homeopathic dilutions 1v- 1m. We continue to be amazed by how these Vibrations can break through and create change and has brought a new level to healing.

Yes, discounts are offered to stores, healing centers, and mail order businesses. We also offer a discount to health practitioners who earn their livelihood through their practice. A minimum order as well as business card or license is required.

Brandy is our usual choice in all of our  essences and used in all our Individual essences and Blends. If you order a Custom Blend you can request an alcohol-free version made with apple cider vinegar instead at no extra charge, You can also get any of the regular essences in an apple cider vinegar base by adding this to your order.

We are in the process of adding an affiliate program and will have details soon.

Technically you can take 5-8 individual flower essences at one time, Our blend essences contain synergistic combinations so 1-2 max of the blends at a time is the most you should do, The vibrational messages come through stronger and you will see changes with less rather then more as its like getting too many different directions at once if you go beyond that number at a time.

We do send orders overseas. In fact a good deal of our business is to people in other countries. For further information, message us.