The History of the Bioresonance Core System

The German physicist, Dr. Kiran Schmidt, created the Bioresonance Core system. After numerous years of work in the field of physics and alternative medicine, Dr. Schmidt began extensive research into radionics, energy medicine, and also informational medicine.

In 2004 Dr. Schmidt moved to California and founded Inergetix Inc. and began development of the Bioresonance Core System. It was also in that year that he discovered the principle of DLE-Dynamic Labile Equilibrium.

He learned that the dynamic labile equilibrium (DLE) that exists between polarities is the basis for health and evolution in humans. A dynamic state is characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress. A labile state is open to change. It is constantly undergoing or likely to undergo change, a state of being adaptable. Simply put, it is a state that is open to movement and change, and as such, it is unstable. It is the truth of “living in the present moment”.

A static state, on the other hand, happens when opposing forces are in balance. Because these forces balance each other, there is nothing in motion. A static state is a fixed stationary state, a state of being at rest. This static state is the cause of disease and eventually death.

With this amazing discovery Dr. Schmidt has ventured into other areas that go beyond the traditional concepts of physics-measurable frequency and vibration, and its associated laws to establish the principles and objects of a complementary science now called Informational Medicine.


What is Informational Medicine?

Alongside the levels of matter and energy, information forms a third level of existence that is guided and governed by its own laws which differ in many aspects from those of matter and energy.
Informational medicine is often confused with energy medicine. Both terms are used interchangeably, which is not correct.

The use of information in all its forms such as words, signs, symbols, rituals, and pictures has always been an important part of medicine. In modern medicine information is still an important component, even though unrecognized. It’s dismissed merely as the placebo effect.

Life is based on a constant exchange of information and an adaptation to information. Just as we have to digest, transform, and eliminate waste substances, so have we to digest, transform and eliminate waste information. If this process is interrupted at any point, disease is the result. Informational medicine is the use of methods that can balance informational disturbances.

Let’s take a closer look. It often happens that when we think about someone, look at her picture or use one of her belongings, coincidently she calls or even shows up at the door.

There are many informational modalities in existence that use different external forms and are often misunderstood as energetic. However, seen from the point of view of the emerging science of informational medicine, all have in common that they use neither substance nor energy to evaluate or rebalance (heal), and are instead based on the principles on information. Information can be transmitted without energy. This is possible because pure information is not ruled by time and space.

There are many phenomena in healing that are not governed by quantity, space, and time. These phenomena and related treatment modalities are outside modern day medicine because they are not covered and explained by nineteenth century physics, which rules our scientific world. However, with the concepts and theories of modern day physics, these phenomena can be explained despite the unwillingness of modern medicine to listen.

In relation to living organisms, some informational medicine modalities are: dynamic medicine, psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, distance healing, prayer healing, radionics, according to Erich Koerbler, and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Therapy.

Because the effects of these modalities work on the informational level, they do not need electricity, magnetism or any other form of radiation for transmission as in the world of energy.

Informational Medicine and Bioresonance Core

Through dynamic medicine it was discovered that solutions, or sugar pills that contain neither the original substance nor any known energy, have the potential to heal. This was the first systematically generated form of informational medicine in recent history.

In the last century techniques that used electrical devices were developed for diagnosis and treatment. They were misunderstood as being based on energetic principles like radio technology, but in actual fact, they were of an informational nature, such as radionics, and more recently computerized systems like the QXCI and the Bioresonance Core .

Because there are different forms of informational medicine, it is difficult to give a general explanation. However, we can use an analogy to explain.

Just like a computer, living beings are mainly governed by software. As we know, software is the most common source of problems and malfunctioning in computers. This is why modern medicine has such limited success. It is completely unaware of the “software” governing health and disease. Modern medicine believes that all diseases are caused by “hardware” malfunction and therefore need only be treated by substance (drugs) or energy.

Speaking very generally and by analogy, there are many illnesses that are today misinterpreted as problems resulting from biochemical disturbances. But they are not.

Actually, they are regulation problems caused by “software issues” such as diseases that are based on missing information, wrong information, corrupted information, and outdated information.

Since we are talking here of the informational realm where misinformation, missing or corrupted information can cause a problem, then receiving correct information is in itself healing in nature. When we learn the truth, at that moment we have already initiated healing.

With its capacity to transmit information to people via its technology, the Inergetix-CoRe™ can be used to restore balance on the informational level as a treatment method as well by broadcasting or transmitting information to the client. The shift to proper bio-patterning leads to an adjustment on the energy level that then trickles down to the physical level.

Informational balancing can have profound effects on causes that lie on the informational level, such as the control functions of the body and mental-emotional issues. This means that it can indirectly affect the energetic, biochemical, and structural levels of the body.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is the application of any form of energy for either treatment or diagnosis.

Modern medicine uses energy mainly for diagnostic purposes: X-ray, Thermometer, Electroencephalogram (EEG), Electrocardiogram (ECG), Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

And for treatment: light for treating SAD or sound for destroying gallstones, radiation therapy to burn cancer cells, or heat and cold to make compresses. This use of energy is applied to directly impact us in a physical way.

Bioresonance Core and Energy Medicine

Although the main innovation of the Bioresonance Core is the ability to read information in a stable and reproducible manner, it is also capable of using energy as a form of energy balancing and therapy.

Most energy is therapies we know of are applied as a set of frequencies, each designed to correct a pattern related to a specific issue (parasites, low or high energy). What all of these applications are missing is a biofeedback loop that would customize and adjust the frequencies in real time to the current needs of the client.

Therefore, one can say that most energy medicine today is, in fact, allopathic as it is based on the misconception that different diseases need different standardized treatment protocols. These do not take into consideration that wholistic medicine does not treat a symptom alone in isolation of the context in which it exists.


As science moves into the world of energy and subtle information, we can now access our subconscious mind in a scientific way. Knowing what processes are running in your mind and body, gives you the power of informed choice. You can now act based on what will best work for you, rather than the usual trial and error approach.

Knowledge is the power and can give peace of mind. And the Bioresonance Core e can make that happen.