The Full Sturgeon Moon | August 22, 2021

The Full Sturgeon Moon | August 22, 2021 1

This month’s full moon is named the Sturgeon Moon, due to the large populations of these fish caught during this time. The next full moon will be seen on August 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

This year’s full moon is a festive tradition among many Native American tribes in North America. After all, if food sources are plentiful they would not go hungry for some time! Also known as the Green Corn Moon or Corn Planting Moon by other tribes, it brings with it the feasting and celebration that comes with bounty after months upon months of famine. Other popular names include Great White Full Moon (immigrants from Europe) and Pink Moon .

This month’s full moon is also significant for those who follow full moon astrology. Like full moons that come in May, full moons in the summer are a sign of heating up passions and rising tempers that can be seen most clearly in Leo full moons . This full moon is no different as it comes with high emotions and tension building up for the next month. It’s best to expect this full moon’s effects on August 22nd, but some might feel them before or after due to the span of influence from full moon astrology forecasts.

This month’s full moon will also be an energetic time for Aquarius natives who share a birthday with this month’s full moon (from August 21st through September 19th). This full moon brings out your warmest emotions, causing you to want to treat your loved ones to full moons and full sturgeon dinners.

This full moon (August 22nd) comes just shortly before the Leo full moon on August 23rd. Aquarius will have a hard time keeping their emotions in check as they’re most likely preparing for Leo’s full moon celebrations; turning even the smallest issue into an argument and making it last until they’ve had their fill of drama. On these two full moons, everything is amplified so be aware that you could not only lose yourself in your own feelings, but also leak out onto others around you. Full moons mean there are no filters when it comes to emotional response, so share opinions with caution!

When it comes to full moons and love, this month’s full moon brings about a full ‘Moonstruck’ effect. Many full moons have this effect, but the full moon on August 22nd is the most extreme as it combines with Leo full moons . This full moon makes you dramatic and overly emotional so don’t be surprised if you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Look out for classic full moons signs such as flirting at inappropriate times (such as in business meetings), full moon affairs , and dramatic breakups . If your relationship doesn’t seem to fit any of these categories then look closely: something could be brewing that hasn’t come to your attention yet.

This full sturgeon moon brings forth new beginnings by making people more optimistic about their lives. The full sturgeon moon helps Aquarius natives learn to appreciate themselves as they are and also find new opportunities around them. It’s a full sturgeon moon, after all!

Make the most of this full moon by visualizing all of your hopes and dreams for the future you want. If you have no desires then make that decision now so you don’t waste time with being unfulfilled. You can use full moons such as this one to focus on exactly what it is you would like to accomplish during your remaining years – from health goals, saving money for retirement , or even planning a full moon getaway. The full sturgeon moon brings forward optimism at any age, so take advantage while it lasts!

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