Tarot By Number

The Magician Mercury Auspicious. Arrival of a moment for which the Street has been waiting.
A Doctor – Illness
Persuasive, Aware, Active,  Conscious, Manipulative,  Powerful & Creative 
The High Priestess The Moon Intuitive, Secretive,  Mysterious, Wise,  Contemplative, Calm,  Discreet 
The full story is still unknown. I clue to what is hidden may be found in the past.
Spirituality or Religion
The Empress Venus Sensual, Vital, Nurturing,  Generous, Compassionate  Creative 
May indicate environmental issues, natural disasters, or more commonly a female ruler is highlighted.
YES – More – Abundance
The Emperor Aries Powerful, Controlling, Stable  Patriarchal, Authoritative,  Rigid, Inflexible, Traditional,  Organized 
Support. Stability. Authority. Government. The established order.
The Hierophant Taurus Disciplined, Conservative,  Conforming, Mature, Moral,  Orthodox, Respectful,  Dogmatic 
The Lovers Gemini Commitment, Temptation,  Completeness, Love,  Choice, Romance, Desire,  Harmony 
The Chariot Cancer Conquest, Honor, Victory,  Energy, Egocentric,  Self-Confident, Conviction,  Willpower, Success, Anxiety 
Strength Leo Self-control, Patience,  Compassion, Composure,  Stability, Perseverance,  Moderation 
The Hermit Virgo Detachment, Discrimination,  Discretion, Withdrawal,  Introspection, Analysis,  Chastity 
10 The Wheel of  Fortune Jupiter Luck, Inevitability, Timing,  Destiny, Turning Point,  Synchronicity,  Unpredictability 
11 Justice Libra Harmony, Equality, Balance,  Equilibrium, Fairness,  Responsibility Interaction,  Communication 
12 The Hanged Man Neptune Transition, Paradox, Limbo,  Boredom, Progress,  Adaptation  Rebirth 
13 Death Scorpio Change, Beginnings,  Endings, Transformation,  Relinquishment, Acceptance 
14 Temperance Sagittarius Moderation, Compromise,  Virtue  Self-Control, Harmony,  Understanding,  Transcendence 
15 The Devil Capricorn Materialism, Temptation,  Bondage, Greed, Addiction,  Negativity, Passion, Egotism 
16 The Tower Mars Revelation, Chaos, Sudden  Change, Unexpected Events,  Hard Times, Crisis,  Disruption 
17 The Star Aquarius Calmness, Free-flowing  Love, Trust, Peace of Mind,  Hope, Serenity, Generosity 
18 The Moon Pisces Intuition, Fear,  Self-delusion, illusion,  confusion, doubt, fantasy,  evolution 
19 The Sun The Sun Joy, Positive Energy,  Happiness, Sharing,  Creativity, Growth,  Optimism, Enthusiasm,  Radiance 
20 Judgment Pluto Liberation, Transformation,  Judgment, Rebirth, Release  from the past 
21 The World Saturn Fulfillment,  Accomplishment, Success,  Integration, Involvement,  Freedom 
22 or 0 The Fool Pluto Opportunity. Expect the unexpected. The improbable happens. A stroke of luck. Good fortune. Yes Card
Leap of Faith or Something Foolish
Childlike, Pure, Impulsive,  Optimistic, Spontaneous,  Adventurous 
The Minor Arcana 
Card No. Card Name Keywords 
23 King of Wands Powerful, Vital, Energetic, Enthusiastic  Confident, Persuasive, Inconsistent 
24 Queen of Wands Imperious, Magnetic, Passionate, Powerful,  Inspirational, Dynamic 
25 Knight of Wands Dynamic, Self-confident, Risk-taker, Zest for  life, Easily bored 
26 Page of Wands Creativity, Intuition, Drive, Power, Desire,  Childlike, Exuberance, Charming,  Unpredictable 
27 Ace of Wands Creativity, Energy, Enthusiasm, Exciting new  career  prospects, widening of perspectives 
28   Two of Wands   Originality of thought, Taking initiative 
29 Three of Wands Foresight, Expansion, Mission in life,  enterprise, Trade, Delegating power 
30 Four of Wands Domestic Accord, Repose, Harmony,  Prosperity, Peaceful existence, Pride in  achievement, Freedom 
31 Five of Wands Disagreement, Competition, Rivalry, Feeling  challenged or persecuted 
32 Six of Wands Accomplishment, Pride, Victory, Arrogance  Condescension, Taking all the credit oneself. 
33 Seven of Wands Gaining an advantage, Defenseless, Defiance,  Preserving one’s integrity, Protecting all that  one has. 
34 Eight of Wands Swift action, avoiding delay, Achieving  satisfactory conclusions 
35 Nine of Wands Vulnerability, Suspicion of others, Repeating  mistakes, Learning to take each new situation  as it comes. 
36 Ten of Wands Perfectionism, Being too willing to please, Life  is an uphill struggle, Over-burdened, Frustrated 
37 King of Cups Moderation, Introspection, Emotional  Confusion, Diplomacy, Wisdom, Supportive,  Reliable, Secretive 
38 Queen of Cups Wisdom, Virtue, Creativeness, Intuition,  Empathy, Compassion, Unconditional love,  Patience, Understanding 
39 Knight of Cups Single-mindedness, Idealism, Romantic,  Artistic, Refined, Imaginative lover, High  principles, Daydreamer 
40 Page of Cups Gifted, Artistic, Creative, New relationships,  charismatic, Imaginative lover 
41 Ace of Cups Love, Deep emotions, Desire for intimacy,  Romance  Receptive, Self-expression, New relationships,  Well-being 
42 Two of Cups Balance, Interconnectedness, Partnership,  Intimacy, Attraction, Infatuation, Obsession 
43 Three of Cups Exuberance, Friendship, Co-operation,  Celebration  Trust, Harmony 
44 Four of Cups Loneliness, Introspection, Apathy, Inertia,  Self-absorption, Self-pity, Despair 
45 Five of Cups Loss, Disappointment, Dejection, Sorrow,  Grief, Deprivation, Pessimism 
46 Six of Cups Childhood, Innocence, Nostalgia,  Irresponsibility, Playfulness, Naivety,  Reinvigoration 
47 Seven of Cups Self-indulgence, Wishful thinking, Laziness,  Given to fantasizing, Unfeasible expectations 
48 Eight of Cups Change of direction, Self-discovery, Leaving the  past behind, Moving on to better things. 
49 Nine of Cups Smugness, Self-satisfaction, Wish-fulfilment,  Self-indulgence, Sensuality, Pleasure, Control 
50 Ten of Cups Happy families, Safety, Peace, Harmony, Love,  Fulfillment, Sexual Commitment 
51 King of Swords Wise, Just, Critical but fair, Patriarchal  Capable, Prudent, Realistic, Controlling 
52 Queen of Swords No-nonsense, Honest & Direct, Intelligent  Astute, Critical & Judgmental, Realistic,  Intolerant 
53 Knight of Swords Self-assured, Single-minded, Courageous  Self-centered, Dynamic, Idealistic, Impulsive 
54 Page of Swords Critical of others, Curious, Given to gossip,  Sharp-tongued, Idealistic, Vindictive 
55 Ace of Swords Seeing the way forward, New challenges, Acting  without delay, Objectivity, Facing reality 
56 Two of Swords Repressed emotions, Passivity, Defensiveness,  Denial of feelings, Blindness to the truth 
57 Three of Swords Loss, Rejection, Wounded feelings, Acceptance,  Grief, Time heals everything, Triumph of  rationality over emotion. 
58 Four of Swords Contemplation, Introspection, Need for  relaxation  Making time for oneself, Taking stock 
59 Five of Swords Self-interest, Selfishness, Winning at all costs,  Hollow victory, Hurt pride 
60 Six of Swords Inertia, Boredom, Leaving the past behind,  Recovery, A new sense of direction. 
61 Seven of Swords Dishonesty, Deception, Manipulative behavior  Lying, Cheating, Self-deception 
62 Eight of Swords Vulnerability, Powerlessness, Feeling victimized  Seeing things as they really are, Taking  responsibility. 
63 Nine of Swords Guilty feelings, Regret, Anxiety, Endlessly going  over things in one’s mind, Exerting control over  one’s emotions. 
64 Ten of Swords Self-pity, Playing the victim, Dwelling on real or  imagined hurts, enlightenment, a turning point. 
65 King of Pentacles Successful, Wise, Born-leader, Materialistic  Charismatic, No-nonsense attitude 
66 Queen of Pentacles Earth mother, Nurturing, Kind, Dependable,  Sensuous, Generous, Home-loving 
67 Knight of Pentacles Realistic, Hardworking, Responsible, Inflexible,  Warm-hearted, Persistent 
68 Page of Pentacles New projects, Sense of focus, Realistic aims,  Materialistic, Over-optimistic, Daydreamer 
69 Ace of Pentacles Ambition, Reward for effort, Realism, Ability to  succeed, Prosperity, Abundance, Grounded in  the real world 
70 Two of Pentacles Lack of stability, Lack of commitment,  Procrastination, Mixed feelings 
71 Three of Pentacles Skill, Craftsmanship, Creativity, Teamwork  Co-operation, Material gain 
72 Four of Pentacles Possessive, Controlling, Stubborn, Miserliness,  Fear of rejection or loss 
73 Five of Pentacles Hardship, Spiritual separation, Unworthiness,  Self-neglect, Despair, Exclusion 
74 Six of Pentacles Financial difficulty, Power shifts, Motives for  giving and receiving, Domination &  Submission 
75 Seven of Pentacles Lack of fulfillment, Evaluation, Assessment,  Working too hard, Putting work before  relationships, Setting impossible standards 
76 Eight of Pentacles Knowledge, Proficiency, Diligence, Discipline,  Dedication, Attention to detail, Perseverance,  Enthusiasm 
77 Nine of Pentacles Accomplishment, Refinement, Independence,  Cultured, Self-sufficient 
78 Ten of Pentacles The good life, Wealth, Comfort, Fulfillment,  Traditional values, Family life, Security 

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