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If you desire to raise your vibration – and keep it there – remove your limiting beliefs, quiet that negative inner voice, and supercharge your subconscious with Quantum Healing but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.


About Cosmic Oceans

I am Kelly Rivera, the Creator of Cosmic Oceans
My passion is helping you Raise your Vibration and eliminate sabotaging patterns. Providing you with healing scalar energy transmissions is my mission. Ive been an EAV Practitioner for 25 years, working with people one on one to heal using Quantum Medicine, Frequencies, Flower & Crystal Essences.
My goal is to help people worldwide to reset their body and mental programming so they can finally live happily, raise their vibration and attract abundance.

Your Results Directly Reflect Your Frequency And How You TRULY Think and Feel Right Now

In the Begining

When you were born into this world, you had no beliefs. You had zero limits. Over the years, your body has absorbed all the negativity, concepts, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs of people around you. You were programmed to think and behave in a certain way;  until these thoughts were cemented into automated paradigms inside your subconscious mind.

What does this look like in your everyday life?

If, for instance, you have a deep-seated belief you will never have enough money, it could be because as a child, you were programmed to think that “money doesn’t grow on trees”.doesn’t grow on trees”. You may have seen your caretakers reacting in panic and fear about money (or the lack of it). As a result, you developed the programming “there is never enough”; “If I share my resources, I will run out of them” and so on. You also learned to associate negative emotions with money such as fear and stress.

Different Programming?

Rich people, on the other hand, do not even associate money with stress. They love money and they feel capable and deserving of having it. Therefore, they experience a free flow of wealth without trying so hard.

What Are Digital Essences?

digital essence

Everything in the universe has an innate energetic signature, or “informed field.”  Its the informational component that is like the programming code which informs the substance and enables it to be what it is and how our senses perceive it. , We have utilzed methods and processes for digitally capturing the energetic signatures similar to how a flower essence or homeopathic  is captured and encoding them into digital media including both the video and audio. It is done in such a way that allows the digital media to broadcast these energetic signatures and because of this promote their benefits without actually having to ingest the substances itself or ingest like a standard homeopathic. In our practice we also “send” the frequency into the body with a laser utilizing Spectravision and Emotox LLLT, The Essences are similarly encoded and now can be used anywhere in the world with your own Phone, Tablet or Computer.

Frequency Healing

Side benefits instead of side effects. No interactions with medications

Heal Negative Emotions

Our Essences help with the emotional components of anxiety, stress, despression, trauma, negativity and so much more! Essences can very speicifally get to the root of old wounds, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking effortlessly.

Reach Your Goals

Need to stop procrastination, self sabotage or gain more confidence to tackle the next big thing?

Build Healthy Relationships

Identify and Change unhealthy coping mechanisms - You can be free to experience joy and security and grow into your most stable highest self.