Chakra # and Name: 3. Solar-Plexus
Location: Above naval, between the abdomen and heart.
Body Seat: Mental
Nerve Plexus: Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Purpose and Function: Seat of the Ego/Self-interest; Willingness to think, and a clearinghouse for
the lower chakras. Will Power. Encourages joy and laughter.
Anatomy Governed: Pancreas; spleen; stomach; liver; gall bladder; digestive system (upper
abdomen). It also affects the adrenals.
Emotional/Mental Influences: Fire, Emerging, Charging, Lending Energy; Offer Opinions. Laughter
as well as anger springs from the Solar Plexus.
Symptoms of Imbalance: Muscle tension; low back pain; abdominal constriction; ulcers; feeling
controlling, competitive, domineering, or “put upon;” withdrawing; need to be “right;” power-hungry;
aggressive; defensive; self-righteous. Some more specific manifestations would be: Acute or
Chronic infections; Tumors; various diseases of the Spleen. Heavy mental worry and emotional
fatigue builds up plaque in the circulation and in the brain.

Functions With: digestive system, liver,
gall bladder, adrenals.

Number of Vortices: Ten
Related Meridian: SPL / ST
Color: Yellow
Musical Note: E
Representative Sound: Stringed instruments.
Gemstone: Topaz; Peridot, Amber, Citrine
Kundalini: Manipura
Sound: “OHH”
Element: Fire
Chrystal: Yellow Calcite, Aragonite, Citrine
Essential Oil: Bergamot/ Almond
Flower: Daffodil/ Primrose/ Lily of the Valley
Planets: Mars Sun
Totem Animal(s): Bird
Lesson: Honor Oneself. Power, Will, Energy, Action
Think on the words: I Do
Meditation: I am one with the power of the Universe, I have the ability to love and care for myself.
Types of People: Intellectuals; politicians; friends; classmates