Sodalite 1

Sodalite is a manganese rich sodalite, which is a sodalite mineral that belongs to the sodalite group with other sodalite minerals. All sodalites are blue and have similar chemical compositions; they simply vary in color. The name comes from the Latin word sodalis meaning “anthemion”, or “friend of salt”. In addition to being useful for healing, sodalites are also used in some precious stones such as lapis lazuli, deep blue gemstones cut into smooth cabochons and polished. Most common sodalities do not come directly from deposits for ore mining because their color is low-grade. However, high quality sodality mineral samples come from many different parts of the world.

Sodalite is a good choice for people who want an amplifier of mental activity; practicing Sodalite can stimulate both intellectual and intuitive thinking. It is believed that Sodalite stimulate communication between parts of the brain that are not usually associated with each other, which can help you solve problems more easily and learn new things. Increase your self-confidence sodalities will increase your ability to think independently and be creative in problem solving process; sodalite also increases physical energy arising from mental confidence.

Sodalites are often included as a stone that helps people get rid of blockages they accumulate throughout the day. They have relaxing effects on all seven chakras Sodalite can help both men and women cleanse their bodies of stress and tension accumulated during the day by removing negative energies that surround them. Sodality has antidepressant properties sodalite is very helpful when it comes to alleviating depression symptoms, so if you have been feeling sad or depressed.

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