Selenite Metaphysical Healing Benefits


Selenite crystals are said to have been formed millions of years ago when deposits of gypsum mixed with water underground and were then compressed for a long period of time. This trapped water and mineral content inside the crystals, which solidified over time and became beautiful Selenite stones. Selenite crystals are often found with Amethyst and Clear Quartz, which can sometimes be found embedded inside.

Selenite is said to be a stone that enhances the connection between your intuition and your conscious mind, which allows you to understand messages from both the spiritual plane and divine beings, like angels and fairies. This stone also enhances telepathic ability and can be used for clairaudience.

Selenite also used in the crown chakra and base chakra, where it can be used to release negative karma or a traumatic past life experience. This stone is great for releasing stress as well as stagnant chi energy in your body and mind. Selenite is said to help you feel more connected with the earth, sun and moon so that you can enhance your intuitive abilities.

Selenite stones are often used in crystal grids to be surrounded by other crystals or positioned at specific points of a grid for individual use. A Selenite crystal is also known to block out any unwanted negative thought patterns from another person surrounding you, allowing you to feel calm and at peace.

Selenite can also be used for healing stones in order to enhance your spiritual growth. Selenite is a good stone for those who are looking for guidance in their lives or someone who wants to build up the connection between their physical and spiritual self. Selenite crystals can be used on their own or in a crystal grid.

To use Selenite for healing you can hold the stone while meditating, placing it on any chakra that you are feeling to be blocked and asking for help from your universe and angels. You can also place a selenite crystal on each chakra as well as others crystals around during a meditation and allow it to open up your chakras for you.

Selenite is a very protective stone, that can be used for protection against negative entities, energies or people. This stone is great if you are feeling attacked by someone as the crystals have the ability to block out any energy that is sent towards you or harm coming

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