Chakra # and Name: 2. Sacral
Location: Pelvic area/sacrum; lower abdomen, right beneath the naval.

sacral chakra
sacral chakra

Body Seat: Emotional
Nerve Plexus: Sacral Nerves
Element: Water
Purpose and Function: Desire, pleasure, and continuation of the species; Willingness to feel human
feelings and emotions.

Anatomy Governed: Reproductive Organs; Peyer’s Patches (lymphatic); Endocrine System – the
Leydig cells, or interstisial tissue of the testicles. Kidneys, Lower Stomach, and Spleen.
Emotional/Mental Influences: Feelings. Energy released from this center focuses on acts of
creation, sexuality, passion, and relationships.
Symptoms of Imbalance: Eating disorders and fluid imbalance; issues about trust and relationships;
difficulty releasing negative impulses; problems getting along with people;difficulty making choices;
helplessness; feeling like a victim; lack of confidence.
Specific manifestions may include: Colitis; Intestinal Disorders; Sexual Disorders; and Sexually
transmitted diseases.
Glands: Testes Ovaries
Number of Vortices: Six
Related Meridian:TW / PC
Color: Orange
Musical Note: D
Representative Sound: “OOO” ; Flute
Kundalini: Svadisthana
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Crystal: Carnelian/Orange Calcite/Mookalite
Guardian Angel:Harabael
Totem Animal(s): Aquatic animals.
Essential Oil: Rosemary/Lemon
Flower: Nasturtium, Orange Blossom
Lessons: Honor One Another. Each person has a divine presence. When unable to see the divinity
clearly in others. Ask for guidance to see through the illusion controlling you.
Think on the words: I Feel

Meditation: I am creative and connected to all of life.
Types of People: Children, spouses, lovers and those with whom we share feelings; those who give
us lessons, or teach us about feelings.