Chakra # and Name: 1. Base, Root, Coccygeal
Location: At lower pelvic area, near genitals; at perineal floor.
Body Seat: Physical Base of the Spine
Nerve Plexus: Sacral-Coccygeal
Element: Earth
Purpose and Function: Survival/Will to Live; Grounding. Seeking Support
Anatomy Governed: Reproductive System and gonads; kidneys; adrenals; spinal column.
Emotional/Mental Influences: Original ideas, concepts. If healthy, it can bring stillness.
Symptoms of Imbalance: Chronic fatigue; lack of energy; stress-related disease ungroundedness;
fear; distrust; confusion; poor concentration; passivity; lack of direction and purpose; insecurity.
More specifically, conditions include Cushing’s Syndrome, Addison’s disease, and various
addictions. The adrenal glands are usually quite taxed.
Glands: Sex Glands
Number of Vortices: Four
Related Meridian: SI and H
Color: Red

Musical Note: C
Representative Sound “UHH” ; Drums; bees buzzing
Kundalini: Muladhara
Gemstone: Ruby/Garnet/Red Jasper
Guardian Angel: Samael
Planets: Mars; Venus
Totem Animal(s): Snake
Essential Oil: Vetiver/Cedarwood/Ginger
Flower: Pointsetta/Gladioli/Red Geranium
Lesson: All is one; we are interconnected with all of life and to one another.
Think on the words: I Am
Meditation: I am grounded and supported. Feel your sefl connected to all of life.
Types of People: Root (traditional) relationships, such as parents, grandparents, etc.