Purple Sapphire Metaphysical Healing Benefits

Purple Sapphire Metaphysical Healing Benefits 1

The Purple Sapphire is known as the stone of awakening. This stone will awaken and improves ones spirituality by pulling higher vibrations through the third eye and crown chakras. It stimulates the pineal gland, the purple sapphire deepens your intuition and calms any emotional instability.

Purple Sapphire History

A purple sapphire is a gemstone that has deep, rich violet color. Although the color is often associated with royalty and wealth, it can also be associated with sorrow. In folklore, a purple sapphire represents the seventh month of the year, September. The gemstone has also often been associated with magic and alchemy because it is thought to possess magical powers that repel evil spirits.

In Greek mythology, Sapphires were known as “the stones of Hercules.” In fact, the word “sapphire” comes from the Greek word for “blue,” which is “sapphos.” This particular gemstone is said to bestow strength and courage upon those who wear it.

In Hinduism, Sapphires are thought to ward off the evil eye, bring good luck, wisdom, prosperity, long life and health. Hindus often present this gemstone to newly married couples as a symbol of their love and devotion. In Hindu mythology, the gemstone is known as “vaidurya” and represents the planet Jupiter.

In anc powers of witches because witches were thought to be afraid of this gemient Rome, blue sapphires were thought to have magical powers that could be a blue sapphire ring to repel evil spirits and poison. This practice became popular other Roman leaders, including Julius Caesar.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that if a woman wore a talisman made of sapphires she would be protected from for good or evil. The emperor Nero wore a bracelet of sapphires and believed that the gemstone gave him an air of authority.

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