Lavender Jade Crystal: A Relaxing and Calming Gem

Metaphysical Benefits of Lavendar Jade

Lavender Jade is a gem that has been used for centuries in many cultures. Lavender Jade crystal is the by-product of an ancient volcanic eruption and was formed when Lavender jadeite, rhyolite and silica interacted with each other. Lavender Jade are typically hexagonal or cubic shaped stones.

Lavender jade crystals come from Lavender Jade Mountain in China, which is the only mountain on earth that produces Lavender jade. Lavender jade crystals are a high energy stone and can help with stress relief as well as emotional support by helping to increase happiness when worn or kept near you when meditating. Lavender is the color associated with Lavender Jade crystals. Lavender jade also emits a calming energy that can reduce anxiety and stress levels by bringing peace of mind to anyone who carries it or wears it near them for extended periods of time.

Lavender Jades are one of the most popular types out of Lavender and Lavendar Jadeites. Lavender jades are known for being a stone of happiness, contentment, protection from negative energy and have been used in many cultures throughout history to promote calmness & serenity.

Metaphysical Benefits of Lavender Jade:

– Lavender Jade stones are said to promote happiness and calmness when kept or worn close to you. Lavender jade is also known for being a calming stone that decreases anxiety, stress levels and bring peace of mind.

Lavender Jade brings the following benefits:

* Happiness/contentment

* Protection from negative energy

* Promotes calmness

Lavender jade crystals are said to help us find balance in our lives as we age. An important reminder that we need to enjoy life’s journey while it lasts – not only at the end. Lavender Jade is also said to help us maintain our sense of self, especially as we find ourselves in social situations where Lavender Jade calms and helps us be more present with others without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by how much Lavender jade crystals are meant to remind us that it’s okay not to know the answer. Lavender Jade is also said to enhance our ability to see situations in their true light, especially when that requires us Lavender jade crystals are used for the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders

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