How We Make Flower Essences

making flower essences

The flowering of a plant marks a peak time in the metamorphosis of the plant, as it moves from seed, to bud, to a grown plant,  creating the potential for the continuation of its species

At the peak of their blooming cycle, fresh flowers are picked and set in a bowl over clean spring water, Then the bowl is placed in the sun for several hours.

The radiant life force of the flowers is registered into water, an imprint. The water serves as a carrier of this life force information.

After a few hours, the flowers are removed and this liquid – the Mother Essence, now encoded with this unique information, is preserved in a glass bottle to which 50% brandy is added as a preservative.

making flower essences

The unique healing frequency is encoded and able to use.

A flower essence from a specific plant species offers its own unique healing information, related to the wisdom this plant  has acquired through its journey of continuous adaptation throughout time.

All of the unique and different flower essences is like a range of colors, each one unique, each one giving a specific resonance frequency that can balance  our subtle field. The correct blend or singular essence can facilitate awareness of our patterns,and alignment while awakening new perceptions, actions and new habits.

From Mother Essence to retail bottle and dosage preparation

  • We use 3 drops of the original Mother Essence to prepare a standard 1oz bottle ready to administer..
  • From this bottle, a normal dose of the essence is 5 drops. This  1oz bottle which is prepared with 70% water and 30% brandy.

"From time immemorial humanity has recognized that our Creator In His Love for us has placed herbs in the field for our healing, just as He has provided the corn and the fruit for our sustence."

Dr. Edward Bach

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