How do I Smudge?

what is smudging

What is Smudging and How do I smudge?

First, light one end of your sage bundle, Then carefully allow it to burn for several seconds. Once the flame calms and extinguishes, blow on the lit end gently to fan the embers; the smudge will begin to glow and smoke. Lay the smudge on any heatproof dish, an abalone shell is often used. This will catch the ashes while it burns. Be careful and play close attention to the power of fire when smudging.

As the smoke rises into the air, picture your intention, whatever it may be. If you are clearing negative energy, picture its density and see it lifting away. Healing? Then imagine the smoke cleansing any illness or injury. Whatever it is, envision it floating away on the smoke.

Native American ceremonies begin by sprinkling the floor with loose sage. They then burn a bundle of sage as well as a braid of swe


et grass. Finally, they again burn a bundled sage stick (or smudge bundle), while washing the smoke over the body.


The great thing about smudging is that it can be done at any time, as often as you like, no matter what  background or culture.

The most popluar herb to smudge with is White Sage or Salvia Apiana — It is very useful in clearing negative energies from objects, spaces or people. Great to have on hand at all times.


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