Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

crystals for mercury retrograde

Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde occurs when Mercury appears to stop moving in the night sky, and then starts moving backwards. This is actually an optical illusion, and is caused by the fact that Mercury orbits the Sun faster than the Earth does! When we see it like this, it gives us a chance to reflect on things we may have done incorrectly in our lives.

Mercury rules areas of life such as communication, travel and commerce. It also rules over mind and thinking, which is why the Retrograde period causes things like miscommunication and misunderstandings. We all make mistakes, but during Mercury Retrograde it’s important to think before we speak, as our words may not be taken the right way! It’s really hard at this time to judge what people are thinking or their motivations behind certain actions.

We become more introspective during this cycle. We may feel like withdrawing or like spending time alone to process things in our mind. This is a good indication that we need to slow down and take some time out for ourselves to rest and recuperate, and also to focus on the thinking aspect of Mercury’s domain (which includes study).

Fluorite is a great stone to have around during Mercury Retrograde as it helps us to think before we speak and to express ourselves more clearly. It can also help you to drive or travel safety, as it stops you from getting easily distracted by things going on around you!

Amazonite  is a beautiful stone that is wonderful to use during Mercury Retrograde. It’s great for communication and helping us to speak up for ourselves when we need to, but it will only work if we really want it to!

Blue Calcite  is a lovely stone for communication and helps us to speak clearly and honestly. It’s also great at helping you to see both sides of an issue, so that you can express yourself more precisely and in appropriate ways.

Blue lace Agate can be a great help for communication, especially if you find it hard to express yourself. It’s used in all types of communication including writing and speaking, so it can really assist you during this Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Helps with communication – may have increased sensitivity around others.

Clear Quartz is wonderful for Mercury Retrograde because it works to cleanse your aura and etheric body, as well as any other crystals you are using at this time. It can be used in combination with almost all stones during Mercury Retrograde.

Petrified Wood is a lovely stone for communication, and can be a great help if you find yourself in a conflict situation. It helps to smooth things over when you’re in an argument, and also to point out when someone else is being too harsh or critical.

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