Bustamite Crystal Healing and Metaphysical Benefits

Bustamite Benefits

Bustamite is a magnesium calcium silicate mineral that may be found in skarns and metamorphic manganese ore deposits.The name is derived from Mexican general Anastasio Bustamante.

The color of Bustamite is generally pink, although different hues are possible, including light pink, pinkish red, rose pink, and dark brownish red.

Bustamite mineral structure and composition give them incredible crystal qualities that make a solid connection to the earth. It’s a great stone for griding and making a secure place to perform spiritual ceremonies.

Bustamite is a stone of joy. It will help you discover the true meaning of happiness by breaking down the barriers between yourself and the rest of the world.

The energies of this gemstone will bring about a sense of connectedness with all things in the world.

It will stimulate creative energy, pleasant dreams, artistic creativity, and pure delight.

Some people use this stone for their meditation as a way to connect or communicate with their spirit guides and guardian angels.This stone is also believed to stimulate physical vitality and sexual energy!

Bustamite may also be used in energy work. it’s a great meditation aid, it can give you a safe and sacred place where you can easily connect to the beauty and perfection of this universe.


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