Blue Calcite Crystal Healing Benefits

Blue Calcite Crystal Healing

Blue Calcite Crystal Properties

lue calcite is a type of carbonate mineral. Blue calcite has an ideal chemical composition for this kind of mineral. Blue calcite was initially discovered through the Spanish conquistadors, who were led by Ponce de Leon in 1513 . They found many blue calcites during their exploration of Florida’s coasts. Blue calcites are composed of Calcium-Calcite mineral crystals. Blue calcites have varying levels of translucency and opacity, depending on how much the Calcium-Calcite mineral content differs from its other components. Blue calcites can be found throughout Mexico, China , India, Chile , Russia , Hungary , Italy, South Africa , Romania , Spain, Iran and Germany . Blue calcites are found in clusters within limestone deposits. Blue calcites can be mined through open-pit or deep-mine quarrying .

Healing Benefits of Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is a powerful stone that releases tension and calms the emotions. Blue Calcite helps to communicate with spirits and enhances other metaphysical abilities. Blue Calcite is wonderful for first chakra blockages and issues of grounding, as well as clearing the throat chakra. Blue Calcite can help you sleep better at night by lessening nightmares and releasing tension in the physical body. Blue Calcite also promotes expression of feelings over suppression of feelings like many other calming stones such as Lepidolite or Amethyst . It is easy to become overwhelmed these days surrounded by distractions everywhere we look – Blue Calcite has a strong aura that can gently sweep away negative energies. Blue Calcite is the perfect stone for your pocket during these days, as Blue Calcite is especially helpful to those who are having difficulty with their throat chakra.

Blue Calcite also enhances dream work and psychic abilities by releasing negativity that may cling to one’s aura or spirit. Blue Calcite can help release fear-based emotions thus helping one to live more joyfully in the present moment. Blue Calcite can be used in meditation to restore calmness, ease anxiety and provide protection against outside influences . Blue calcite stone increases energy levels, strengthens intellect and psychic development. Blue calcites stones cleanse negative energies so does aid introspection and facing your fears

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