Bioresonance Core System

The Core Bioresonance System is an exciting new technology that I use to SCAN your energy field to detect areas of imbalance. It  also can be used as a treatment –It facilitates a series of corrections and re-sets that restore balance naturally.

I use it to confirm or discover the source of a problem and its best solutions. Here are some of the ways I use it to provide healing and balance:

  • To create an enhanced client profile by pin-pointing the unconscious patterns that are many times missed because the client is not aware of them.
  • For the early detection of potential problems before they have taken any physical symptoms
  • For  balancing organs and strengthening
  • To correct negative thought or behavioral patterns
  • For color, light or electromagnetic therapy
  • For remote treatment and remedy delivery
  • To pinpoint balancing essences
  • To imprint healing frequencies into water or onto an object that the client can take home and use as frequently as is desired

There is no need to be physically present or connected to the system. A holographic connection is established based on your name, date and place of birth and a photograph.

A Bioresonance scan will show unconscious or subconscious patterns that influence your health and behavior. It is extremely accurate information, some of which you may not be conscious of at this time.

The results are presented in a written report. I add comments based on my expertise. Once you can see the issue in detail, you can choose to act on it and make changes.

Bioresonance Therapy involves a series of remote frequency treatments, created on the system and broadcast to you. It does not require your physical presence. The BENEFITS are immediate and each treatment merges with the next one seamlessly, creating a continuous flow of healing energy.

The Bioresonance Core System can check any issue that you desire to learn more about. The system database contains thousands of items and hundreds of themes to choose from and they all contain answers to your questions. You can check for pathogens, emotional or mental issues, imbalanced organs or meridians, The best crystals or essences the body can use right now as well as affirmations or actions that will lead to success.

Bioresonance Analysis

A full baseline scan is created and performed for each new client at the beginning of treatment, then it can be re-scanned at several significant points along the way. This full scan of physical, emotional, and mental issues, along with core beliefs, creates an incredible foundation for further work.

Mini Core-bioresonance Sessions are also an option.  These are short and focused on a specific issue when all we need is a few pointers or some quick answers to an existing problem and to find its solution.

Coaching Membership

In my coaching program, I use the Bioresonance CoRe to understand emotional and mental patterns, negative subconscious thought habits, and ego conflicts that can influence people’s actions. It is also able to evaluate the traits and talents that can be most useful to help move us forward in our journey.

Relationship problems, change of work or life path, difficult choices can be worked through faster after a CoRe evaluation shows the real dynamics behind a problem. In addition, you can start turning the situation around right away through client and issue-specific energy re-sets performed with Bioresonance

Creating a remedy

We use the amazing capabilities of the Bioresonance Core System to imprint the results of an analysis into water or a wearable crystal (bracelet)  that I send to a client and can be used at any time. We can also reproduce the specific frequencies of dynamic remedies. This allows us to create an amazingly large range of remedies and healing frequencies specific to each person.

Remedies and affirmations can also be imprinted on a bracelet, pendant or any other item that you can carry and hold for healing and balancing purposes. This is an extremely popular and simple  way to focus your attention on healing while having the opportunity to also wear your remedy as a beautiful object.

Some distance healing and balancing is also done through sound, on the phone, or by sending sound recordings via email.

Remote Remedy Delivery

One of the most popular features, with distance clients is the ability for direct remote treatment. You will receive the balancing treatment direct through our device at regular times over extended periods of time, based on your needs.

We can also imprint a remedy into an essence bottle or through remote transmission in real time. It helps in situations when time or shipping is an issue. We can actually place a remedy into your glass or bottle at home in seconds. You can then have all your remedies available right away.

This is a method of treatment delivery of the future – available today.

When we perform remote treatments with the Bioresonance Core System we basically assign a dial frequency representing you and only you, so that you will receive that transmission. Visualize a radio and your own private frequency band. Every time we send a broadcast there, you receive it. Its effect on your bio-field is immediate.

So What Will I Learn From a Bioresonance Core Reading?

Anyone who has had a reading has been both delighted and impressed that it brought up such specific themes. Some results are familiar, a confirmation of what you suspected or knew already. But many issues that they may not be aware of also come to the surface. Many times some things you may not recognize at first only to realize over the next day or two what it was referring to.

The results can indicate a process that is still under the surface, latent or emerging. It can confirm an existing life situation, a physical issue, or a past problem, which is yet unresolved and continues to create a reaction in your system today. Other things have only just started but not yet manifested into physical symptoms. By addressing and clearing them now as they come up, it will prevent possible physical problems before they start.

Bioresonance Core as a “Life Compass”

A full Bioresonance  reading is used to assess where you stand in life, the ideas and feelings that contribute to a present problem and some probable causes. More powerful than a psychic reading, it is also more objective and accurate.

Some typical questions that clients ask:

  • Am I ready and able for change?
  • What feelings, core beliefs or old emotional patterns are keeping me stuck and preventing me from solving my problem or moving forward in life?
  • What are some of the unknown obstacles I need to be aware of now?
  • Which of many different solutions is the best one for me?


The Bioresonance Core device  is used to scan a person’s bio-field and to detect different  areas of resonance or dissonance on the mental, emotional or energy levels. It helps us see deeper and with greater clarity into many confusing situations. If it is left undetected, these patterns of unbalance  in our system can manifest into physical symptoms as well as emotional/ psychological conflict.

The Bioresonance CoRe is also used to balance areas of dissonance that are affecting us at this time. It can point to old impacts that are now activated. Future problems can also be cleared once an arising negative dynamic is discovered and corrected before it develops into something worse.

The body has the ability to heal itself, but sometimes it is reacting to the wrong signals. It lacks, so to speak, the understand of how to solve a problem. Balancing with Bioresonance Core  in these instances will be surprisingly effective and will work apparent miracles within the shortest time. It can “tell” your body what is its best choice of action. The signals to your body is like sending the correct map, then your body makes the corrections with ease.

We use sound, light, electro-magnetic frequencies or simply remote transmissions of healing frequencies to re-set and realign your system. The healing information can also be imprinted onto any physical substance such as liquids, tablets, bracelets or any other object that a person can use repeatedly for a period of time.


It works based on the principles of Quantum Science, This has established the inter-connectedness of everything. The CoRe system is a tool enabling us to establish such a connection to a person’s information field. This connection is always a two-way process, which means that a treatment can also be created and adjusted based on the signals that are received.

The Bioresonance Core System establishes a constant feedback connection with the client.

The results given by the Bioresonance Core system are always probabilities (expressed in percentage number) and not Yes/No answers. In general, any advanced testing method that claims to be related to quantum theory has to be able to assign percentage numbers to the likelihood of disease causes and appropriate remedies.

The Bioresonance Core utilizes both the informational and energetic levels. It works on the level of existence on which things are related via energy – ideas, concepts, forms and patterns,and  on the level on which physical energies are exchanged. Its action is not in the physical in nature.

Watching Quantum Physics in Action

The system is based on the principles of quantum physics, the principles of resonance and global scaling, issuing a complex statistical analysis on the basis of a large database of over one hundred thousand patterns of internal and external stress sources.

The Bioresonance Core works with the mathematical matrix representations of different parts of the body. By reading the specific “informational signature” of each individual, the image of every “symptom” and each “remedy”, The Bioresonance Core System generates and selects complex models to establish the resonance between the client, symptoms and remedies and then uses the statistical analysis of the results to set the probabilities of the highest resonance.

Imagine an electrical circuit that is completely operational with the exception of a short due to crossed lines at one point. This blockage in the body is the information out of balance.  The Bioresonance Core can identify and then correct this defective circuitry. Once a regular flow of information is corrected, the circuit is open and functions again and all processes take place normally within the body.

Understanding Holographic Principles

The main challenge to having a understanding of the Bioresonance Core System  is that it does not have to be physically connected to the client to be able to evaluate or balance. This system is based on the principle that our world is holographic in its structure, which means that each part contains all of the other parts.  This can be  difficult to conceive, but in reality implies that any area can affect any other area and can be a measure of every other area in the system.

The holographic principle is used diagnostically in many forms. One example is in iridology we read the health of every part of the organism from the iris only. Similarly, in ear acupuncture the acupuncturist affects any part of the body simply by putting a needle in a specific part of the ear. The same applies to reflexology looking at the sole’s of our feet.

The Bioresonance Core, instead of working with actual body parts, works with the mathematical matrix representations of every part of the hologram. By manipulating this abstract matrix it can actually cause a balancing of the respective part in the same way that information we get via a communication can affect any part of our life.

Simply put, the connection of a person’s information with healing information is performed via software programs and based on this holographic principle.

In other words, with one simple test we can know which frequencies are out of balance, and then re-balance them right away, all with the same equipment. This is the future of medicine right now!

What Else Can Bioresnance Core Do?

In addition, there is an Organ Balancing program of over 2,000 organ/body parts that can be balanced through bio-information. The Bioresonance Core system can be used to re-balance organs and systems for optimal function by re-instating proper “information” to our life force field. The signature of the healthy organ is transmitted and that gives the vital information to our organ that is out of balance. 

Analogies can help us to better understand the informational level. Fixing a software bug can be achieved by a small change to information in the code. It doesn’t need the power on the server to be turned up or down, it only needs the information signal changed.  That has a big effect. It makes the program function again. It can take a long time to find a software bug especially when we don’t know what we are looking for.  The Bioresonance Core scans through thousands of possible frequencies and is able to find the issue quickly.

It is working on Informational levels which in-turn effect the biochemical, energetic and structural levels
Because the informational level is connected with the structural level, the biochemical level, and the energetic levels, informational balancing can indirectly affect the other levels.

Even when the solution lies in a more physical approach, the Bioresonance Core  still helps by initiating healing on the information level which then facilitates healing on all other levels including the physical. Because we consist of a network of energetic connections, the Bioresonance Core  connects us at these many different levels.

Structural Corrections

What appears to be a structural issue can be resolved via the informational level if that is where its main component lies. Think of hunched shoulders that are caused by constant fear (taking a hunched, defensive posture). Or neck problems where the actual issue is emotion and stress of  “Too much weight on my shoulders” I have seen neck pain of 20 years gone after a CORE session working on the emotions related and frequencies sent.

Somebody doing exercise by moving their legs is working structurally (developing leg muscles, for example) and also helping energy move. The need of particular forms of exercise can be clarified through a scan of the bio-field with the CoRe.

Biochemical Corrections

If you take a vitamin, you are working on the biochemical level and that too connects to other levels. Perhaps there already is plenty of a particular vitamin in the body, but if the information necessary to process it is missing, then the information is what is needed. The CoRe can remedy this glitch in information allowing for proper use of nutrients. This can be invaluable and has been utilized on hundreds of clients. It is something missed by many. So many people have become sensitive to individual minerals and vitamins, The frequency sent to the body will correct this and then the mineral or vitamin starts working correctly within the body again

Energy Corrections

In the case of meridian blockages, chakra imbalances or low or excessive energy in an organ, the CoRe can give us correct feedback of where precisely energy is blocked, so that we can correct it either directly with the CoRe, with correct information or with any other means of energy rebalancing.

The Bioresonance Core  is different as it can pinpoint the highest, client specific, frequencies automatically and is not dependent on frequency tables or time consuming techniques like pulse diagnosis or kinesiology. There does there need to be any knowledge of a diagnosis.

The Bioresonance Core generates these client-specific feedback frequencies in the various forms of sound, light, magnets and electricity and then transmits the information connected to these frequencies directly to the client. This creates subtle energy shifts that then can correct the physical as well.

Bioresonance Core uses energy such as light, sound, vibration or electricity only as an information carrier and not as a treatment tool on its own because of its insignificant intensity. Energy used for information transmission is capable of bridging large spans of space, but is incapable of carrying significant amounts of energy for doing WORK at the same time. This is the reason why the Inergetix system is in its essence an informational system and not an energetic system like a radiation therapy device.

Its energetic modality firmly establishes the Bioresonance Core system in the forefront of energetic correction and balancing.

What Does the Bioresonance Core Not Do?

The Inergetix-CoRe™ is accurate-but it is not an oracle. The results still need to be interpreted. In other words, it does not replace the experience and expertise of a trained therapist.

All results are correct. But they are not all equally significant. The relative significance of results has to be taken into account when deciding how to proceed in therapy.

Many things can be good for us. The question is what do we need at this time and what will lead to the most significant change or progress. Assigning significance to the Bioresonance Core reading depends on the context of the client’s situation and what it is aimed at.

CoRe therapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. For example, if someone has been living in a dark room and really needs sunlight, or if he has eaten fast food sugar and junk for years and needs living foods, no amount of Core  balancing will help. The person needs to take in physical food and take action to change their life circumstances.

What’s more, because it is an informational modality, informational or energy treatments on their own will not help in cases where substantial supplements are missing, a spine has to be aligned, or lifestyle changes have to be made.

It will, of course help all such issues indirectly by shifting the information and creating an environment that will facilitate and enhance change in all other areas.

Who can benefit from the Bioresonance Core?

Everyone! The Bioresonance Core is safe, non-toxic, and has no side-effects. There are no painful or intrusive tests and manipulations. It does not use any form of substance or energy in any significant way that could affect us negatively.

In addition to working with people, bioresonance is also gaining enormous popularity in the treatment of animals and plants, and the environment. It has been used with interesting results to treat crops, lakes, animal herds, and also, businesses and other group enterprises.