Agni Manitite Stone – Pearl of Fire – Metaphysical Healing Benefits

Metaphysical Healing Benefits

Agni Manitite or the Pearl of Fire tektite directly affects the solar plexus chakra, activating it and engaging it to “warp speed”. You’ll notice instantly your energy levels, connection and overseeing ability.
Agni Manitite can assist in a Kundalini Awakening. The power derived with the help of Agni Manitite through the kundalini awakening is amazing It is ‘the best’ for self-enlightening or improvement. This stone also protects from any kind of negative powers that try to destroy lives. So, consider Agni Manitite to be protection against any kind of negative powers. Agni Manitite will help to direct your own personal will to what brings true happiness and joy in your life. This results in more creative thinking, strength, and positivity that will spread throughout your physical vessel like fire.

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