About Cosmic Oceans

I am Kelly Rivera, the Creator of Cosmic Oceans
My passion is helping you Raise your Vibration and eliminate sabotaging patterns. Providing you with healing scalar energy transmissions is my mission. Ive been an EAV Practitioner for 25 years, working with people one on one to heal using Quantum Medicine, Frequencies, Flower & Crystal Essences.
My goal is to help people worldwide to reset their body and mental programming so they can finally live happily, raise their vibration and attract abundance.

Kelly Rivera-BS, CHHP, CNC

Hello, I am Kelly Rivera creator and director of Cosmic Oceans and Cosmic Oceans Energetics. They were created in the spirit of wellness, to provide and promote psycho-spiritual services, interactive learning platforms Digital Essences and healing gem and flower essences and herbal products to accompany individuals “on the Journey.”

My life-long passion for cultivating self-awareness, self-empowerment and vibrant health has personally led me to investigate and train in many therapeutic modalities. I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) I recieved my B.S. from UCF. My early formal education in Communicative disorders and nutrition, started a basic framework for my future training in herbalism, Gem and Flower essence therapy, Homeopathy, Oriental medicine, breath-work and Iridology, I have also intimately studied reiki and other various forms of energy work Sequential Trauma Detoxification, Bioresonance CORE, German New Medicine, BioEnergetic Medicine, Kinesiology, Bionetics™,emotional release therapy, NES Health Bioenergetics, META-Health, Radionics and meditation. ; I am also a fervent believer in synchronicity and the Law of Attraction. It is not a coincidence that you are viewing this website!

I am dedicated to my own continual evolvement and I love to assist others on their journeys towards wholeness, health and conscious awareness, and to their experiences of peace, joy and love. Through Cosmic Oceans I offer a wide variety of individual and group experiences and trainings.

I also delight in creating products to assist others in discovering and celebrating the joy of living. My experience has shown me that when people make conscious, healthy choices regarding their health, they become empowered, and more alive, joyous and harmonious. Because of this , I created Cosmic Oceans Energetics, which offer a wide variety of Essences and Herbal products to overcome emotional blocks, lighten our loads, and contribute to our experience of joyful, conscious, healthy living.

Please come along this journey with me as I take you through my web site. Id love for you to investigate the variety of ways that Vibrational Healing and natural essences can be our amazing helpers. I i invite you to open to the awesome world of Energy, the wonders of healing, and join me in celebrating Nature’s Gifts..


Our Services

Holistic Pet Services

We can create customized homeopathic remedies and include supportive flower essences. Also, flower essences and homepathics, though a form of holistic pet health care, do not replace proper veterinary treatment.

BioEnergetic Assessment

We energetically assess the underlying causes behind issues within the body and determine what the body needs to heal. Chronic degenerative disease is often linked to blockages at a cellular level.We determine what toxins are within and what nutrients are needed for restoration using EAV testing

Gem & Flower Essence Reading

Flower essence readings use the natural healing energy of flowers to help you move through obstacles you are experiencing in life. Using Core Bioresonce Testing, We can access what you need and make you a custom essence blend. The energy provided by the essence blend will give you clarity on what you're holding on to, what needs to be released. Once your balance is found, you're on the path to healing and wellness.

Sequential Trauma Detoxification

A method of de-activating or clearing the traces of past physical and emotional trauma through the application of dynamic remedies. They are given in a particular sequence and at a specific time

German New Medicine

will tell you what kind of physical or emotional life shock is causing your health problem. You will find out if your condition is in the active phase or in the healing phase. Based on that we will know what needs to be done to resolve it completely.

Detoxification and Cleansing

Our bodies are exposed to many chemical, metal and immune challenges in our environments and our foods. Some we are even born with. We have many different detoxification programs that will assist the body.Cleanse programs vary greatly in length and focus. We can help you to determine if a cleanse program is right for you and which one would best benefit your body’s needs.