10 Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

surviving mercury retrograde

Yes Mercury is Officially in Retrograde again!

Here are some Great Tips to Thrive during this season of interruptions and crazyness!

Dont Break Up with your Partner!

Put off any major life changing situations! Things that happen during Mercury retrograde just don’t always stick especially when its not meant to be yet. On the other hand you may find yourself back together with an ex in this period. All that unfinished business!

Don’t Sign Contracts!

It’s not a good time to sign contracts or buy electronics as they are more likely to break.– I know — easier said then done, seems like I have had my share of things happening and coming together — but that is also because sometimes Mercury is just pushing you along your path!

Use These Subliminal Affirmations to stay in balance!

Its Ok to Slow Down!

Don’t fight it, instead, try to take a moment of gratitude for everything that slows us down during this time. We live in a high-paced society; it’s great to take a moment. In the developed world, we spend so little time waiting for anything. You can give a bit gratitude for the high-speed internet that usually works perfectly besides during this time. 

Clean Out Your Home

This is a great Mercury retrograde project. It’s a good time to deal with unfinished business, which can be on the physical level: the piles of clothes that need to go to those in need or the stacks of papers on your desk that need to be filed—take this time to clean and get more organized. Mercury rules Virgo, the great organizer of the zodiac, so doing an autumn cleaning” is a perfect way to get things in order.

Double Check All of Your Emails and Text Messages

The typos will multiply, and what is being said can be misunderstood. If you see communications getting a little out of hand via text or email, it might be better to call and talk through things rather than have misunderstandings.

Make sure you are Caring With Yourself and Your Friends and Family.

Be sweet, make sure you  self-care and know that everyone around you is also in the stressing it, too, so be gentle with them as well. We’re being asked to grow and  have been forced out of our comfort zones so breathe, surrender and make graceful steps forward.

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